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kalau beberapa hari sudah kite penah dgr berita pasal baddrol nk g wigan kan? baddrol-bakhtiar-sertai-wigan k kali ni kompom die mungkin bersama dgn penyerang muda Malaysia...wan zack haikal...jom kite preview kesahihan berita ini...

It looks like Wigan Athletic are attempting to forge links with the Far East, following on from reporting that Baddrol bin Bakhtiar has been a linked with a trial at the Latics, Vital have been contacted about another talented young player, 20 year old striker Wan Zack Haikal from Malaysia, who has also been given the same offer of a two weeks trial from Wigan Athletic.

Information received from Aku Aweh:

Wan Zack is currently playing for Malaysia under-23 side, Harimau Muda A, he is a very talented striker and currently top scorer for Harimau Muda. Wan Zack Haikal and his team, Harimau Muda A were in Slovakia last month for a part of the Malaysian team's preparations ahead of their final round of the Olympic (Asian) qualifiers.

After four matches, Harimau Muda A won three games and Wan Zack Haikal put in a good performance. He has been offered a two weeks trial at Wigan Athletic along with Baddrol bin Bakhtiar.

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