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Flags nautika dan Makna-maknanya
Bendera isyarat digunakan untuk menyampaikan mesej, kerana kadang-kadang 'silent radio' diperlukan. Berikut adalah nama-nama dan makna, kedua-dua antarabangsa dan / atau khusus kepada Tentera Laut, serta makna apabila digunakan dalam Regatta Pelayaran. Terdapat juga sistem isyarat yang dipanggil Semaphore yang menggunakan kedudukan bendera relatif kepada seseorang untuk menunjukkan surat itu.

International Code Flags
FlagName &
Phonetic Pronunciation
AlfaAL-fahI have a diver down; keep well clear at slow speed.
BravoBRAH-vohI am taking in, discharging, or carrying dangerous cargo.
CharlieCHAR-lee"Yes" or "affirmative".Change of Course (Sailing Regatta)
DeltaDELL-tahI am maneuvering with difficulty; keep clear.
EchoECK-ohI am directing my course to starboard.
FoxtrotFOKS-trotI am disabled; communicate with me.
On aircraft carriers: Flight Operations underway
GolfGOLFI require a pilot.
Hotelhoh-TELLI have a pilot on board.
IndiaIN-dee-ahI am directing my course to port. (International)Coming alongside. (Navy)
Round the Ends Starting Rule (Sailing Regatta)
JulietJEW-lee-ettI am on fire and have dangerous cargo; keep clear.
KiloKEY-lohI wish to communicate with you.
LimaLEE-mahYou should stop your vessel immediately.Come Within Hail or Follow Me (Sailing Regatta)
MikeMIKEMy vessel is stopped; making no way.Mark Missing (Sailing Regatta)
Novemberno-VEM-burNo or negative.Abandonment and Re-sail (Sailing Regatta)
OscarOSS-kurMan overboard.
Papapah-PAHAll personnel return to ship; proceeding to sea (Inport).
Quebeckay-BECKShip meets health regs; request clearance into port. (International)Boat recall; all boats return to ship. (Navy)
RomeoROH-me-ohNone. (International)Preparing to replenish (At sea). Ready duty ship (In port). (Navy)
Sierrasee-AIR-ahMoving astern. (International)Conducting flag hoist drill. (Navy)
Shorten Course (Sailing Regatta)
TangoTANG-goKeep clear; engaged in trawling. (International)Do not pass ahead of me. (Navy)
UniformYOU-nee-formYou are running into danger.
VictorVIK-tahI require assistance.
WhiskeyWISS-keeI require medical assistance.
XrayECKS-rayStop carrying out your intentions and watch for my signals.Individual Recall (Sailing Regatta)
YankeeYANG-keeI am dragging anchor. (International)Ship has visual communications duty. (Navy)
Wear Life Jackets (Sailing Regatta)
ZuluZOO-looI require a tug.20% Scoring Penalty (Sailing Regatta)
Code/AnswerCode or AnswerMessage is understood. Also, numeric decimal point. (International)Flag that follows is from the International Code of Signals. (Navy)
Postponement (Sailing Regatta)
First substitute
(First Repeater)First sub
Substitute for the first flag in this hoist. (International)
Also "repeats" the first flag or series of flags in this hoistAbsence of flag officer or unit commander (In port). (Navy)

General Recall (Sailing Regatta)
Second substituteSecond subSubstitute for the second flag in this hoist. (International)Absence of chief of staff (In port). (Navy)
Third substituteThird subSubstitute for the third flag in this hoist. (International)Absence of commanding officer (In port). (Navy)
OneWUNNone. (International)Numeral one. (Navy)
TwoTOONone. (International)Numeral two. (Navy)
ThreeTREENone. (International)Numeral three. (Navy)
FourFOW-erNone. (International)Numeral four. (Navy)
FiveFIFENone. (International)Numeral five. (Navy)
SixSICKSNone. (International)Numeral six. (Navy)
SevenSEV-enNone. (International)Numeral seven. (Navy)
EightATENone. (International)Numeral eight. (Navy)
NineNIN-erNone. (International)Numeral nine. (Navy)
ZeroZEE-rohNone. (International)Numeral zero. (Navy)
Pennant onePEN-ant WUNNumeral one. (International)Pennant one. (Navy)
Pennant twoPEN-ant TOONumeral two. (International)Pennant two. (Navy)
Pennant threePEN-ant TREENumeral three. (International)Pennant three. (Navy)
Pennant fourPEN-ant FOW-erNumeral four. (International)Pennant four. (Navy)
Postponement (Sailing Regatta)
Pennant fivePEN-ant FIFENumeral five. (International)Pennant five. (Navy)
Pennant sixPEN-ant SICKSNumeral six. (International)Pennant six. (Navy)
Pennant sevenPEN-ant SEV-enNumeral seven. (International)Pennant seven. (Navy)
Pennant eightPEN-ant ATENumeral eight (International)Pennant eight. (Navy)
Pennant NinePEN-ant NIN-erNumeral nine (International)Pennant nine. (Navy)
Pennant zeroPEN-ant ZEE-rohNumeral zero (International)Pennant zero. (Navy)
Race Committee Flags
Postponement Signals
AP2 when raised
1 when lowered
Races not started are postponed. The warning signal will be made 1 minute after removal unless at that time the race is postponed again or abandoned.

AP over H2 when raised
1 when lowered
Races not started are postponed. Further signals ashore.

AP over A2 when raised
1 when lowered
Races not started are postponed. No more racing today.
AP over Numeral Pennant 12 when raised
1 when lowered
Postponement of 1 hour from the scheduled starting time.
Other numeral pennants may also be used. - AP over a numeral pennant 1-6. Postponement of 1-6 hours from the scheduled starting time. See above for images of these numeral pennants.
Abandonment Signals
N3 when raised
1 when lowered
All races that have started are abandoned. Return to the starting area. The warning signal will be made 1 minute after removal unless at that time the race is abandoned again or postponed.

N over H3 when raisedAll races are abandoned. Further signals ashore.

N over A3 when raisedAll races are abandoned. No more racing today.
Starting & Preparatory Signals
Class Flag RaisedWarning15 minutes to start

Preparatory (or I or Z or Black Flag) RaisedI - Rule 30.1 is in effect.

Z - Rule 30.2 is in effect.

Black flag - Rule 30.3 is in effect.
14 minutes to start
Preparatory (or I or Z or Black Flag) Lowered11 minute to start
Class Flag LoweredStart1Start
Recall Signals
XX1 when raisedIndividual Recall
First Substitute2 when raised
1 when lowered
General Recall. The warning signal will be made 1 minute after removal.
Changing the Next Leg
CRepetitiveThe position of the next mark has been changed:
with green triangleto starboard
with red squareto port
-with minus symbolto decrease the length of the leg
+with plus symbolto increase the length of the leg
Other Signals
S2 when raisedThe course has been shortened. Rule 32.2 is in effect.
L1 when raisedAshore: A notice to competitors has been posted.

Afloat: Come within hail or follow this boat.
MRepetitiveThe object displaying this signal replaces a missing mark.
Y1 when raisedWear a personal flotation device.
Blue flag or shape.No soundThis race committee boat is in position at the finishing line.
Miscellaneous Flags
warn.gif (1042 bytes)
Small Craft Warning
Up to 38 mph winds
warn.gif (1042 bytes)
warn.gif (1042 bytes)
Gale Warning
39-54 mph winds
storm.gif (1091 bytes)
Storm Warning
55-73 mph winds
storm.gif (1091 bytes)
storm.gif (1091 bytes)
Hurricane Warning
74+ mph winds
US Coast Guard Auxilary
USCG Auxilary
uspsflag.gif (1268 bytes)
US Power Squadron
rcflag.gif (1673 bytes)
Race Committee
Semaphore Flag
Signalling System
World Flag DatabaseC.I.A. - Flags of the WorldFlags of All CountriesNautical Flag Translator
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